WAX snapshots by WeCan.dev

WeCan provides raw WAX snapshots

Nodeos was configured with: chain-state-db-size-mb = 131000

Nodeos versions compatible with the snapshots: 2.0.8-2.0.13

Snapshots are available at https://backup.wecan.dev/wax/ , and below are individial links for every chain.

Keep in mind that the format of snapshots is raw uncompressed, so it may take some time to download them.

The snapshot dates are represented in epoch dates e.g. "1650022193" equals to "Friday, April 15, 2022 11:29:53 AM".

Use https://www.epochconverter.com/ for dates conversion.

WAX Mainnet

WAX Testnet

Atomic Assets backups for WAX are available here as well.

Postgres database backup was taken from Postgres 13.

The backup was taken with command "pg_dump -Fc -Z 0"

thus in order to restore the dump this flag must be used as well "pg_restore --verbose -Fc"

The database dates are also represented in epoch dates e.g. "atomic.mainnet.1650022193.dump".

WAX Atomic Assets DB

Usage examples

Wget HTTP recursively into directory:

      mkdir -p /srv/wax/data
      cd /srv/wax/data
      wget -r -nH -np -A "*.log,*.index,snapshot*.bin" -R "*html*,*.txt,shared_memory.bin" https://backup.wecan.dev/wax/mainnet/1650022193/

To resume wget download in case of connection interruption:

      wget -c -r -nH -np -A "*.log,*.index,snapshot*.bin" -R "*html*,*.txt,shared_memory.bin" https://backup.wecan.dev/wax/mainnet/1650022193/

Parallel downloading with aria2c (no recursive list supported yet):

      mkdir -p /srv/data
      aria2c -c -s 10 -x 10 --file-allocation=none https://backup.wecan.dev/wax/mainnet/1650022193/state-history/trace_history.log