WAX snapshots by WeCan.dev

WeCan provides archives of WAX snapshots

Nodeos was configured with chain-state-db-size-mb = 65536

Archives are available at https://backup.wecan.dev/ , and below are individial links for every chain.

WAX Mainnet

Usage examples

Pipe HTTP into untar:

      mkdir -p /srv/eos/data
      cd /srv/eos/data
      curl -s https://backup.wecan.dev/wax/2019-12-18/wax_2019-12-18_state-history.tar.gz | tar xzvf -


      mkdir -p /srv/archive
      rsync -av --inplace rsync://backup.wecan.dev/wax/2019-12-18 .

Parallel downloading with aria2c:

      mkdir -p /srv/archive
      aria2c -c -s 10 -x 10 --file-allocation=none https://backup.wecan.dev/wax/2019-12-18/wax_2019-12-18_state-history.tar.gz